Friday, August 16, 2013

Reality is Broken. In Scouting too?

B-P said that "scouting is a game with a purpose".  As much as that is so true of boy scouting, it has to be true of Cub Scouting.  With that in mind I started reading "Reality is Broken", by Jane McGonigal.

The book looks at how to make our reality better based on what's been learned by designing games.  Like the new merit badge, that doesn't mean just video games.  It looks at what really makes people like games.  Why do they spend hours playing?  Sometimes as much as a second job.  How can we take those lessons to make our every day work and life better?

I'm reading it thinking about Cub Scouting.  How do we keep it highly engaging for the boy?  How do we keep if fun and engaging for the adults?

I'll post more as I read though it.  Sounds promising!