Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I'm Steve and I'll be your blogger here.  :-)

It seems like an intro would be the way to start.  I started in scouting as a Cub Scout.  I was a Cub for 3 years, a Boy Scout for 7 years, and an Explorer for 5 years.  I have a lot of memories of that time, but once I turned 21 I was out of scouting.  Until my son declared he wanted to be a scout 16 years later.

One day after watching "Follow Me, Boys", he turned around and said he wanted to be a scout so he could capture a tank too.  A quick check showed he was old enough to be a Cub Scout.  Shortly after we were looking at a pack for him.  It happened to be the same pack I had been in as a Cub Scout.

After talking to a few people with the pack I was told by the COR (Chartered Organization Representative) that since the pack didn't have a Committee Chair that was the only position I could volunteer for.  Being as the Committee Chair has to approve any other volunteers.  I was familiar with the Cubmaster role, and the Den Leaders.  All I could remember about the Committee Chair from when I was young was that there were grown up meetings at his house and I played with his kids.  "What does a Committee Chair do?", I asked.

Since then I've learned a lot about Scouting.  My background as a boy helps because when something is described to me I can think "Oh, that's what the adults were doing back then!", but it isn't needed to understand how to do Scouting.  This blog is an attempt to fully digest what I've been learning, share it with others, and hopefully learn it better from the feedback.

There are some fantastic resources on the Internet for scouting already.  Most of them are focused more on the Boy Scout level.  You can find folks that have been doing Boy Scouts for 30 years.  Someone that does Cub Scouts after their boy is out is rare.  I've been involved as an adult for 3 1/2 years now and expect to be involved for another 3 years.  This blog should be a bit different from the other resource is that it's focus is on Cub Scouts, not the program tricks but how a pack works.

Oh, and as to what a Committee Chair does...
Whatever they can't delegate.

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