Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Learning in Scouting

This topic is a bit more practical program, and targeted for the Boy Scout level, but it does a great job of explaining how we want boys to be learning in scouts, and how it's different from how it's done in school.

This is a podcast.  If you don't normally follow any podcasts, you can just listen to the audio on the website.

ScoutmasterCG Podcast 147

The guy that made it is Clark Green.  He has years of experience as a Scoutmaster, but isn't speaking in any offical role with the BSA.

Think about how much of Cub Scouting can be done by the boys.  New Tigers probably aren't up to leading a flag cerimony.  Wolves can, it's even a requirement for their rank.  So if you're working with wolves or above, have the boys do everything they can!

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