Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thank you to two long time Scouters

Last night I attended my old troop's 30th anniversary and the retirement of my Scoutmaster and my Advancement Chair, Darrell and Susy Halverson.  When I was in Cub Scouts 30+ years ago these two were involved with our Cub Scout Pack.  The troop was started two years before their son was old enough to join the troop.  They started with 5 boys in the troop, like many new troops.  The next year I crossed over into it and was one of the 23 boys on the first summer camp trip.

These folks have probably forgotten more about how to do scouting than most Scouters will ever know.  They have been mentors, trainers, on the campouts, doing the paperwork, and encouraging the boys.  I can't say enough about the impact they have had.  I like'd what their son said.  "I think dad always regretted not getting his eagle....well, 44 of them is pretty good."

Thank you Darrell and Susy for all you've done!

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